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These are some of the services that we offer

Legal translation

Contracts, insolvencies, wills, judicial and extrajudicial documents, powers of attorney, statutes, and much more.

Tourism translation

Tourist guides, brochures, hotel web pages, publicity for congresses, conferences, seminars, etc.

Medical translation

Health brochures, clinical reports, biomedical patents, medical investigation texts, etc.

Audiovisual translation

Cinematographic scripts, documentary scripts, scripts for television programs, and much more.

Literature translation

Novels, articles, poetry, biographies, columns, books, etc.

Scientific translation

Research articles, monographs, university texts, instruction manuals, reports, etc.

Some of our clients

They have placed their trust in Traductores Especializados to carry out their project

How we work

At Traductores Especializados we have expert and professional translators and interpreters who are specialists in your area. All are well trained and with wide experience in their field of expertise.

Each document and/or event is assigned to a translator or interpreter with extensive experience in the relevant sector.


The great companies that endure over time have learned to internationalize, and relying on Traductores Especializados makes this process easier, faster and more reliable as the necessary documentation will be translated by professionals specialized in each sector.


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