We have professionals from all over the world

We move to any place in the world so that communication is accurate and flows correctly. Exporting is not the same as internationalizing; for internationalization we have a team of translators and interpreters who will support your business management abroad.

Simultaneous interpretation

This is the interpretation of speech in real time. For this type of interpretation it is necessary to have soundproof booths, microphones and headphones. This mode is usually used at conferences, seminars, meetings of shareholders, etc.

Consecutive interpretation

This consists in the reworking of the presenter’s speech through the taking of notes by the interpreter. In these cases, the interpreter is always next to the speaker and facing the public. This form usually occurs in courses, lectures, book presentations, conferences, inaugurations, etc.

Liaison interpretation

This consists of an interpreter who serves as an intermediary between more than one person, that is, the interpreter translates for several speakers or participants. This form usually occurs in trade missions, sightseeing tours, visits to factories, site visits, etc.