Language is not a barrier for your professional activity

Sworn translation

University degrees, judicial acts, academic records, birth, marriage or death certificates, family books, residence permits, notarial deeds, labor contracts, etc.

Legal translation

Contracts, liquidations, testaments, judicial and extrajudicial documents, public deeds, annual reports, powers of attorney, protocols and patents, commercial agreements, legal documents, reports, payrolls, judgments, etc.

Tourism translation

Tourist guides, catalogs, hotel web pages, advertising for congresses, conferences and seminars, commercial blogs, tourism reports, etc.

Cosmetics and fashion translation

Documents related to the cosmetics and fashion industries, including brochures, websites related to fashion products, etc.

Medical translation

Health brochures, clinical case reports, biomedical patents, medical-legal texts, etc.

Pharmaceutical translation

Pharmaceutical company leaflets or inserts, medicine advertisement, food labeling, etc.

Audiovisual translation

Cinematographic scripts, documentary scripts, scripts for television programs, scripts for videos, subtitling, etc.

Literary and philosophical translation

Novels, articles, poems, biographies, columns, books, etc.

Journalism/advertising translation

Articles, editorials, essays, advertisements, advertising, banners, etc.

Scientific-technical translation

Research articles, monographs, university texts, instruction manuals, technical reports, etc.

Economic-financial translation

Annual accounts, fiscal documents, audits, balance sheets, etc.

Gastronomic translation

Translation of menus, brochures, letters, recipes, etc.

Software translation and localization

Web pages, blogs, computer programs, standard and digital taxonomies, etc.

Sports translation

Sports-related documents, promotions of sports supplements, documents related to nutrition, etc.